Here you are. You've discovered Spaces and you're considering creating an account or perhaps you already have one. 

You keep seeing "Early Access" around our website and our app...

What does it mean?

An "early release" or "soft launch" is a practice in software development where a product is delivered at the same time as it's being built. For Spaces, this means some features you see in our app are still being polished and new features are still being decided upon and built.


We want to involve as many forward-thinking educators (like you) in the process of building Spaces. Your feedback and your requests will inform our product road map and shape what we build next. 

We want to make sure we're building a product that supports educators and students in a meaningful way. 

How this affects you

Being an Early Release user is a lot like showing up first to a dinner party.

As your hosts, we'll be adjusting the lights, moving chairs around, and checking in regularly to make sure you're having a good time.

There are a number of benefits to showing up first:  

  • Get a first look 👀 at what we're building

  • Access the product free this year (and next!)

  • Join our exclusive Educator Community

  • Score sweet swag

  • Provide feedback and test out new features first

Throughout your time using our product, we encourage you to ask questions, share ideas, and let us know what challenges you are having.  

There are two ways you can share any suggestions or feedback that you might have:

  • Just start a chat by clicking the icon on the bottom left-hand side of the page to send us your thoughts, any time. 

  • Visit our public product roadmap to see what's coming next and add suggestions or upvote ideas from other users!

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