At Spaces, we believe in putting the student at the center of their journey with our product. Protecting student privacy is foundational to how we’ve built our company and is a key consideration in the decisions we make.

Where do I find your privacy policy and terms of service? 

You can review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service at any time on the footer of our website at

Who can see a student's portfolio?

Class visibility is customized for each class. By default, only the student and their teacher can see student work. Depending on how teachers intend to use Spaces in the classroom, they may invite family members, and/or other students and educators to view a student’s work. 

Where is student data stored? 

Spaces stores student data on highly-secure datacenter and server hosting through Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure provides industry-leading compliance and privacy certifications to keep student data in Spaces safe. 

How long is student data stored?

Student data will be stored so long as a student is actively using their Spaces account. We delete student data and accounts after 18 months of inactivity. 

Where can I get more Privacy content?

Still have questions?

Please feel free to contact our Privacy Office at [email protected] 

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