This article will walk you through what reactions are, and how you can set whether they're available in each of your Spaces.

Reactions allow for easy engagement with students' posts: whether you're applauding their great work as a teacher, celebrating your fellow students' achievements, or just marking that a post has been reviewed.

Adding Reactions

To add a reaction, simply click the smiling face button near the bottom left of a post.

From the pop-up menu, you can select among a few fun options including a heart, checkmark, applauding hands, and a few others.

You can add as many reactions to a post as you'd like, but only one of each type per post.

To remove a reaction you've added, either:

  • click on the reaction icon (i.e., where it appears above the reaction menu)

  • open the reaction menu and select the same reaction again.

Enabling Reactions for your Spaces

Using reactions is entirely optional.

Before your students will be able to add and view reactions in your Spaces, you'll need to enable them. You can also customize whether reactions are available in each space.

By default, Reactions are disabled. To change the Reaction settings for your Spaces:

  1. Open the Space you want to update

  2. Click the Gear icon at the top right

  3. Click Edit Settings

The options to enable reactions are different depending on space type.

Class Spaces

  • You have the option to set the space as Visible or Active, then separately to enable the option "Students can see reactions and react to visible posts and comments."

  • To enable this setting, the option to allow students to view each other's posts must first be enabled.

  • You can also separately enable family reactions under Family Access, if the class is visible to linked family members.

  • When reactions are enabled, students and family members can react to any posts that are visible from their accounts.

Group or Individual Spaces

  • You have the option to set the Space as Active under the Student Access tab - when set to Active, students can add reactions to any visible posts in these spaces.

  • These Spaces can also be set as Visible for Family accounts, and you can separately enable or disable the option for family members to add reactions.

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