Curriculum Tags allow educators to categorize and manage students' work in ways that align with structured goals and standards.

SpacesEDU allows you to select from all the pre-defined sets of standards in the Common Standards Project, and it's easy to create your own custom sets, too.

To begin using Curriculum Tags, you'll need to select a set of standards that you're working with. There are two ways you can do this from your Teacher account:

  1. If you haven't already selected any sets of tags to use with your class, click the Select Curriculum Goals button on the right-hand side of your Feed, then click Yes, Add Sets

    Select your Curriculum Tags button

  2. If you have already added some tags for your class, but want to enable some other sets, click on your avatar image or initials at the top right of the screen, then Account Settings, and Curriculum Tag Sets.

Account settings tab with 'Curriculum Tag Sets' highlighted

Next, click Add Curriculum Tag Sets. This will open a screen where you can begin searching for sets of tags to add:

Curriculum Tag Set list menu

Here you can search for your state or province, Common Core, or even your school name if you have some custom standards defined in the Common Standards Project.

  • Each grouping may have sub-folders for different subjects, grade levels, etc.

  • As you're navigating through each level, you can go back by clicking the linked folder name on the left-hand side

  • Once you've found the set of tags you'd like to use, click Add Set

Add Set button with checkmark

That's all there is to it! You're ready to take your Spaces to the next level with Curriculum Tags.

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