Connecting Feedback With Learning Objectives
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In Seven Keys to Effective Feedback, Grant Wiggins stresses that effective feedback requires that the student be aware of their goal and that they are provided with actionable steps to achieve that goal.

When providing feedback, the primary focus should be to connect feedback to the assessment’s learning objective(s). A learning objective can be in the form of a standard, a competency, a curricular strand, etc.

Before providing feedback on an assessment, the learning objective should be explicitly taught and the assessment task should be directly linked to the learning objective. When providing feedback, consider the following:

  • What has the student achieved in regards to the learning objective?

  • What is the student missing in regards to the learning objective?

  • What are the student’s next steps to gain proficiency in this specific learning objective?

Spaces Tip

In SpacesEDU, learning objectives are visible via curriculum tags.

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