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Going Gradeless? Portfolios And Feedback As A Running Record
Going Gradeless? Portfolios And Feedback As A Running Record
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Going “gradeless” is a popular movement in education. Although it is difficult to define because it is an ever-evolving trend, at its core, it is the replacement of percentage and letter grades with models that involve extensive feedback.

Developing digital portfolios is a method to track growth, celebrate success, and measure achievement in the movement to eliminate grades. Why? If a gradebook isn't used to track and report growth, then what is?

Digital portfolios are a space in which evidence of learning can be compiled and stored. Much of this evidence includes feedback from various stakeholders including teachers, students and parents alike, and is easily accessible online.

Spaces Tip

Use the curriculum tags to organize student work and assess their level of proficiency. When giving feedback or prompting students to reflect, explicitly reference the learning objective in the curriculum tag to determine proficiency and next steps.

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