What is a Proficiency Report?

Discover how to access and customize a report of student proficiency levels across curriculum goals

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SpacesEDU Pro licensed schools and districts can access a dedicated Proficiency Report. Teachers will find this report on the right side of the Class Feed.

In the Proficiency Report table, teachers can see each curriculum tag that has been applied to posts in the feed, and the proficiency levels assigned for each student, making interim and year-end reporting easier than ever.

No more jumping between paper documentation or custom spreadsheets that you’ve created - everything is now in SpacesEDU!

Within the Proficiency Report, teachers have the flexibility to decide how they view their students' achievement and growth. You can:

  • Search for specific students

  • Filter to view only selected students and/or curriculum tags

  • Hover over the proficiency for any student to view a detailed summary of proficiency levels for each post with that curriculum tag

  • Click on the proficiency for any student to view a chronological feed of the posts with that curriculum tag

  • Customize the overall proficiency level displayed to the Average of all posts with that tag, or the Most Recent

The Proficiency Report aggregates all posts within your class, from across any Spaces you have created. As such, it can only be accessed within the main Feed tab for each class, not from within a Space.

Posts, Activities, and Proficiency Reports

If you are using Activities with Curriculum Tags and proficiency levels:

  • Proficiency levels that are assigned to submissions within Activities are not included in the Proficiency Report until those submissions are published as posts

  • You can view a similar matrix of proficiency levels for specific activities by selecting the Proficiency tab within the activity

  • Once submissions from an activity are published, they will be included in the overall Proficiency Report for that class

  • Note as well that copies of posts are each counted toward the totals and averages in the report

Note: This feature is available on the web app only, and is not accessible on Mobile or Tablet devices.

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