What's New?

Learn about product updates and improvements so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new

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Attend a Webinar

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Getting Started

Everything you need to know to get started using SpacesEDU

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Messaging & Communication

Learn more about the ways SpacesEDU can foster effective communication and engagement

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Find out about creating custom Activities, tracking submissions, and providing feedback

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Enhance your Spaces with curriculum tags, proficiency scales and reports to assess learning outcomes

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Technical Support

Answers to your everyday questions

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SpacesEDU Pro

Explore how Pro features can enhance your assessment and documentation of learning

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Providing and Responding to Feedback

Learn how to provide effective and timely feedback, and as a student, how to respond to and apply feedback from teachers and family members.

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Resources for Students and Families

Guides and how-to articles to help promote family engagement

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SpacesEDU + your favorite tools and websites

Find out how to use Spaces with the different tech and tools you know and love.

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Data & Privacy

Learn how we protect student data

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