Spaces supports a wide variety of media types for your class.  You can directly insert text, URLs or upload images, videos, audio files, Google Drive files, OneDrive files and more.  

This article outlines the different file types we support, as well as the limits on file size text content in posts.

You can upload a maximum of 10 media attachments per post. You can add as many posts as you'd like, though!


  • .jpg, jpeg 

  • .png

  • .gif (available on web only)

  • .HEIC


  • .webm

  • .mp4 

  • .mov


  • .webm

  • .mpeg

  • .ogg 


  • .pdf

  • .txt

  • .rtf

  • .pptx

  • .ppt, .pot, .pps, .ppa

  • .doc, .dot

  • .docx

  • .xls, .xlt, .xla

  • .xlsx

  • .key

  • .numbers

  • .pages

File Size Limits

  • Image File Size: 500MB maximum

  • Video File Size: 500MB maximum

  • Audio File Size: 500MB maximum

  • Other File Size: 500MB maximum

Post Length Limits

  • Post Title: 60 characters

  • Post Length: 2,500 characters

  • Comment Length: 2,500 characters

Have any other questions? Let us know by starting a chat on the left-hand side of your screen! 

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