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How do I invite students to join my class?
How do I invite students to join my class?

After you create your teacher account and your first class, you can invite students to join your class

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From within your class:

  1. Click People

  2. Click Invite Students

There are two ways to get students started: 

This option generates a direct URL link that students can open to set up their accounts and connect with your class.

  1. Click Class Codes at the top of the page - you will see a pre-generated Class Link

  2. Click Copy - this URL link can be emailed to students & parents, or shared on any online platform you use with your class

Note: for districts using Single Sign-on, the Class Link option is disabled - students must be invited either through rostering imports, or using a Class Code.

2. Class Code Option

This option will generate a code that students can type in or copy and paste at to create their accounts.

  1. Click Class Codes at the top of the page - You will see a pre-generated Class Code

  2. Click Copy - this code can be copied and pasted into a parent newsletter, or posted in a prominent location in your class to help students get started!

3. Google Classroom Option

This option allows you to invite students directly from Google Classroom.

  1. Click Google Classroom at the top of the page

  2. Click Invite via Google Classroom

Regardless of the option you choose, you can share the code or link with your students in whatever way works best for you:

  • Email the Class Link to all students in your class

  • Share the Class Code in a classroom presentation

  • Post the Class Link in your Google Classroom or any LMS

To ensure that only your students can connect with your class, you can use the Reset Link? or Reset Code? options if needed to invalidate the old link or code, and generate a new one. Note: this will not affect any students that have already joined your class.

Don’t forget! Make sure you share the account setup instructions with your students, which can be found in our article, 'How do students create their accounts?'

More of a visual learner? Watch the short clip below.

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