Messaging is a core feature of Spaces. This is how you will communicate with your students and their families, and other teachers.

Let's walk you through the key aspects of messaging. 

In your account you will see a Messages tab, clicking on Messages will take you to your messages center for the class. Here you will see 3 Channels through which you can send messages. 


These are pre-defined groups to allow you an easy way to message groups of people at once. You do not need to set up anything for Channels, as students and family members automatically get added to their respective channel once they’re added to your class.

Direct Messages

Allow teachers to send out a message to a single student, or a combination of students, teachers, and family members. Just like posts, messages can be composed with text, audio, pictures, videos, URLs and files. 

To send direct messages:

  1. Click the blue + Message button (bottom right of screen)

  2. Search (or select from the list) for the student, teacher, or family member

  3. Once you’ve made your selections, click Message (top right of screen)

  4. Add your message in the text field

  5. Click the paper plane icon to send your message (see screenshot below)

Note: you can optionally allow replies to your messages by toggling the Allow students & families to reply feature 'on', at the top of the message.

One-Way & Two-Way Messages
At the top of every message there is a banner that allows you to toggle whether you would like others to reply in the message conversation (see screenshot below) 

Note: all channel messages and direct messages are defaulted to one-way messaging.

As a reminder of the type of messaging you have set up, you’ll see a little message icon with an arrow going one direction (one way messaging) or both directions (two way messaging) on the Messages page (see screenshot below for an example of both ways)

Visibility of replies in two-way conversation

When you allow replies within a channel or in direct messages, all members of the channel will be able to see the replies.

When sending a direct message, checking the names of different users will add them all to the same group. All selected users will be able to read each other's responses to messages within this discussion.

Delete Messages
Teachers have the ability to delete any of their own messages. To do so:

  1. Click the Channel from which you want to delete the message

  2. Click the 3 grey dots (top left of message)

  3. Click Delete

  4. This will permanently delete the message 

As always, we would love your feedback. Start a chat in the left-hand corner of your screen to let us know your thoughts!

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