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How do I invite family to join my class?
How do I invite family to join my class?

Learn how family members can join and participate in your class

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Families are an integral part of students' learning experiences. Continue reading below to learn more about how you can connect with your students' parents, guardians, and family members using Spaces. 

To invite families to join your class:

  1. Select the class you want to share, click the People tab

  2. Click Family

  3. Under the name of the student, input the family member's email 

  4. Click Send Invite

  5. Once families accept the invitation they can take part in your class

Not sure if you already sent an invite to an email address? 

  1. Invitations you have previously sent will appear below the student's name

  2. If you attempt to send a new invitation to a parent you have already invited, you will receive the following error message:

Did the parent not receive the invitation? 

  1. Click People

  2. Click Family

  3. Find the student's name and the parent's email address

  4. Click Resend Invite

  • For additional information about troubleshooting family invitations that have not been received, click here.

  • Learn more about how you can enable family access to allow families to view and comment on their child's (children) work here: How can I update Space settings?.

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