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May 2020 Product Updates
May 2020 Product Updates

We welcome Family Accounts, Messages, and Co-Teacher Invitations

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We’re excited to share some nifty new features we’ve been working on here at SpacesEDU. 

This month’s release includes:

Family Account

Your students’ family members can join the conversation! Teachers can now invite family members to SpacesEDU with their email address. Teachers can connect up to 10 family members to an individual student within their class.

So, what can family members see and do within my class? That’s up to you! As the educator, you can decide how much access family members are granted. Learn more about classroom settings.

You will be able to toggle "on" or "off" the following options for family members:

  • Ability to view, appreciate, or comment on student posts

  • Ability to message teachers directly

  • Ability to message others

Here are some great resources to help get you up and running: 


“I hope that someone gets my... message in a bottle” - Well, while Sting is waiting for someone to receive his messages, SpacesEDU is delivering them straight to you.

SpacesEDU now supports robust messaging options that put you in the driver’s seat. 

Looking to use messages as a one-way platform to inform students and family about updates? Done!

Want to engage students and allow them to reply to messages? We've got your back!

You can easily customize how you use messages within your classroom with the click of a button.

Messages can include a variety of media, from pictures and videos to files and audio recordings. Teachers can send their messages within two different streams:

  • Channels: Looking to send announcements to your entire class? Or maybe only family members? Channels allow you to send updates to entire groups of people. They’re already pre-defined for you and people are automatically placed in their respective groups when they join your class. 

  • Direct Messages: Pick between students, family members, and your co-teachers… or any combination of these people to send messages to.

Co-Teacher Invitations

The more the merrier, right? Teachers can now invite co-teachers with an email to help manage and/or oversee their classroom. Co-teachers can help manage a class by posting to the class or on behalf of students, providing feedback through comments, and moderating content in the classroom.

Please note, co-teachers have access to the same functionality as the classroom owner. Learn more about co-teacher invitations.

More Exciting Improvements!

  • Mobile Applications: SpacesEDU has iOS and Android apps for your convenience. Download and sign in with your existing account to post and share on the go!

  • Notifications: You can now receive notifications as emails.

  • Enhancements: We have crushed more than 50 bugs across our products.

  • Performance improvements: Our web app has undergone substantial improvements for performance. Things are snappier than ever!

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