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What resources are available to support family engagement?
What resources are available to support family engagement?

Find out more about our ready-made toolkit for your students' families

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There are valuable resources to share with families linked on this page, and available from within every class in SpacesEDU.

These resources help guide family members in accessing their accounts, providing feedback on student work, and understanding our commitment to privacy & security.

To better support your students and their families, our top two most-used resources are also available translated into several different languages.

    • This document walks families through:

      • Accessing an account

      • Viewing, reacting, and commenting on posts

      • Using Messages

      • Installing the iOS or Android mobile apps

    • Includes our SpacesEDU Privacy Pledge and Frequently Asked Questions.

Additional links and resources:

    • Includes examples of Feedback and Dialogue prompts to help engage with students and provide formative feedback on the great work they are doing

    • Provides an explanation of digital portfolios - including ideas for portfolio content, potential evaluation processes, parent engagement with student work, and digital portfolio tools.

    • Provides information on how data is stored and protected for all users of SpacesEDU

Pro Tip: As a teacher, to share Resource links with family members in your class, send them a message from within your class! Check out our article 'How can I send messages?' to learn more.

As always, we would love your feedback. Start a chat in the bottom left corner of your screen to let us know your thoughts!

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