As of July 1st 2021, Teachers, Students and Parents will be able to create and access their accounts in French!

If you already have an account, here is how you can switch your account to French.

  1. Log in to your Spaces account

  2. Click on your Avatar or Initials on the right hand side corner

  3. Click Account Settings

  4. Under General Information, click on the Language drop-down menu

  5. Select French (Canadian)

  6. Click Save Changes

You should now have access to Spaces in French!

We do plan to release a full translation of the platform into Spanish in the future, along with translation of the public site at into French.

If you’d like to share any suggestions related to localization or language support, or get on the waitlist for when additional languages are ready, please click the blue chat button in the corner and send us a message!

We’ll always keep Spaces users up to date on these features as they become available, in our What's New section and through our product update emails.

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