We’re kicking off the school year with some delightful releases in Spaces. Here’s what this month’s release includes:

Saving posts as drafts

We're proud to deliver on one of our most requested features from teachers – the ability to save posts as drafts!

It's super easy:

  • Your posts are automatically saved as you are working, so you and your students can come back to them at any point.

Want to shift into manual override 🚗 ? You can also click the 'Save Draft' button to save at a particular point in time as well.

All draft posts get saved in your new draft folder found in the top right of the navigation bar (in tablet/desktop) or right above your class feed (in mobile/apps).

URLs as attachments

You can now easily add links from websites and other ed-tech tools into your posts. Sharing and reflecting on an article or a video link is now a snap.

Support for GIFs

We now support animated GIFs within Web and Android (iOS support is coming soon - we promise!).

GIFs may be fun and silly, but they can also be powerful and communicate more than just a static image. Start making use of GIFs in your classroom today!

More Exciting Improvements!

  • We’ve increased all file upload limits to 500mb on our website and 100mb within our app

  • A more streamlined navigation menu within desktop and tablet

  • A snappier feed – for users who were experiencing the pesky “bouncy feed” bug, don’t worry, that’s fixed!

  • Updated language around notifications to enhance clarity

  • Additional bug fixes and a number of performance enhancements to make Spaces way faster and easier for you and your students this school year

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