Join a Spaces drop-in webinar to learn everything you'll need to know about how to get started with Spaces this year!

What to expect

You’ll get:

  • A quick introduction to who we are
  • A product tour of Spaces, including how to set up your first class, invite your students, and empower them to document evidence of growth
  • A glimpse into the bigger picture – what we’re building and how your feedback can shape the future of Spaces
  • Answers to any of your burning questions!

We offer webinars on Wednesdays at 12 pm or 3 pm PST / 3 pm or 6 pm EST.

Book your spot

If Wednesdays don't work for you, or you want to talk sooner, you can book a 15 minute chat with one of our resident Digital Portfolio Coaches, Damian.

We're happy to answer any questions or book a one-on-one meeting with you to explore the platform.

For more on Getting Started, browse our Getting Started section or download our Getting Started with Spaces guide as a PDF.

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