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How do I save a post as a draft?
How do I save a post as a draft?
Read this article to learn how to easily save posts as drafts
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Writing a post but not yet ready to post it yet? Follow the steps below to save all the great work you are creating!

In your SpacesEDU account:

  1. Click Spaces

  2. Select the space you wish to add your post

  3. Select + Create (bottom right)

  4. Select the post type

  5. There are 2 ways posts can be saved: 1. Automatically every 30 seconds as you are typing/creating or 2. By selecting Save Draft (top right)

  6. Every time you add something new to the post, you will see the option to Save Draft. If nothing new has been added, this option is greyed out.

How to find your saved drafts:

  1. Select Spaces

  2. Select Drafts (top right)

  3. On the list of drafts, select Edit to make changes - from there you can add to your post, revise, or post when you are ready

  4. Click the 3 horizontal dots if you wish to Delete the draft

Note: these instructions apply to all account types.

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