How do I add external URLs in my posts?

URLs provide access to outside resources and allow you to add cool GIFs as well!

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There are 2 ways you can add external URLs to your posts:

  1. Click + Create, then click URL as the post type

  2. Click + Create, then click Text as the post type, then under Media click URL

When you add the external link, an embedded image of the linked page will show up in your post. Along with the embedded image you can include any typed text in the "Title" and "Write your post..." fields.

Wondering how to add GIFs from online sources to posts?

SpacesEDU now supports uploading animated GIF files, either directly from your device, or by embedding a URL from an online database (e.g. Giphy).

GIFs saved on your computer or mobile can be uploaded using the standard 'File' posting option. To post from a GIF URL:

  1. Click + Create

  2. Select URL as the post type

  3. Include the link to your GIF in the URL field

  4. Click Next

  5. (If you're a teacher) Select the students you want to post to

  6. Click Post

Wondering how to include GIFs in post comments?

  1. Click the URL icon in the comment box

  2. Enter the GIF URL

  3. Click the blue check-mark (top right)

Note: GIFs cannot be added by directly pasting the GIF link in the Post text field or the comment box. This will only post the URL text without the hyperlink.

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