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Spacesedu + YouTube: How to add YouTube videos to SpacesEDU
Spacesedu + YouTube: How to add YouTube videos to SpacesEDU

How to add a YouTube video to SpacesEDU

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Adding a YouTube video to a post is made easy with SpacesEDU. Follow these simple steps below:

  1. Select one of the following two ways to add a YouTube video to your post:
    Click + Create, then click URL as the post type, or

    Click + Create, then click Text as the post type, then under Media click URL

  2. Add the YouTube URL to the video of your choice.

Note: Only YouTube videos set to Public or Unlisted will generate a video preview.

If you are adding a video you have published to YouTube yourself, you can visit YouTube and change the video settings under Studio > Video Details > Visibility.

Once the video is uploaded to SpacesEDU, an embedded image of the linked video will appear in your post.

Share information about your video by adding text to the "Title" and "Write your post..." fields.

See below for an example of the final product:

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