Adding a video from Flipgrid to Spaces is easy.

There are two ways you can add Flipgrid videos to your posts:

  1. Click + Create, then click URL as the post type

  2. Click + Create, then click Text as the post type, then under Media click URL

After that, add the Flipgrid URL. You can get a URL from a grid or video by clicking the "share" button.

In order to generate the preview, you will need to have a video or grid with access settings that are set to Public.

If you add a private Flipgrid URL, your students will still be able to go and access the content through their Flipgrid accounts – they just will not be able to see the link preview in Spaces.

When you add the Flipgrid grid or video, an embedded image of the linked video will show up in your post.

Along with the embedded image you can include any typed text in the "Title" and "Write your post..." fields.

You can see a Grid and an individual video as posts below:

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