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How do I review student Activity submissions?
How do I review student Activity submissions?
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Once your students have completed activities, you can review each submission and add your feedback directly alongside it.

You will receive a notification when there are new submissions to review, and you will see Ready for Review along the right-hand side of your screen:

To begin reviewing submissions, you can either click the activity title in this panel, or click on the main Activities tab near the top of your screen. In the Activities section, you will see all of your current activities organized by due date. Click on each activity name to view submissions.

From here, you can see at a glance:

  • Which students have submitted the activity

  • The submission date

  • The number of files attached to the submission, if any

To review a student's submission, click on their name.

This will open a view of the submission itself, along with a preview of any attached files.

  • To cycle between submissions, click the arrow button beside the student's name

  • To switch between previews of multiple attached files, click the arrow buttons in the attachment panel. You can also click the Download button (the cloud) to save files to your device.

  • You can add feedback for the student using the Add comment box at the bottom right - type your comment, record audio/video, or upload a file (for example, a grading rubric). Your comments, along with any comments from the student, will appear in the panel above.

  • If you have any Curriculum Tags applied to the activity, you'll also see them listed near the top on the right-hand side. You can click on any tag to assign a proficiency level.

    • If you'd like to apply Curriculum Tags but they weren't included when the activity was created, you can edit the activity to add them as long as it has not already been completed/published.

    • If the activity is already published, you can add tags and proficiency levels to the published posts directly, but these will not be tracked within the activity.

  • If you have applied tags to your activities, you can now easily check to ensure all tags have been assessed! Simply click Proficiency to see a table view of tags and proficiencies. Plus, you can now update proficiency or apply it directly from the table. Additional updates coming soon! Stay tuned.

Once you've reviewed the submission, you can either:

  1. Mark as Reviewed - this will notify the student that you have reviewed the submission, it will be moved to the 'Reviewed' tab in your teacher account, making it simple for you to keep track of which submissions still need to be reviewed.

  2. Request Resubmission - if you click the menu button (three dots) near the top right, then Request Resubmission, this will prompt you to enter a reason for the request, and notify the student that they will need to re-do the activity. The resubmission request will be logged and date/time stamped along the right-hand side of your screen, along with any comments.

If you have set a due date for the activity, you'll receive a notification when the due date has passed, and the activity will be updated to 'Ready for Review' status.

Once you've finished reviewing all student submissions, you can click the Mark Completed option to move the activity over into the Completed section, and optionally publish your students' submissions to the Space.

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