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How do I review student activity submissions?
How do I review student activity submissions?
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Once students have begun to submit their activities, teachers can add comments and assess proficiency levels.

Teachers will receive a notification when a student has completed an activity (with notifications delayed and grouped together at the end of each hour). Now it's time to review each submission and add feedback!

To begin reviewing submissions:

  1. Open the Activities tab and click on the activity you wish to review.
    Depending on the status of the activity, it will be found in either the Assigned or Closed tab.

  2. From here, the Activity Quick Review Table will appear

    Submitted activities awaiting review will be highlighted with a blue submitted tag

  3. Click on a student’s name to begin reviewing their activity. This will open a view of the submission itself, along with a preview of any attached files.

    • To switch between previews of multiple attached files, click the arrow buttons in the attachment panel. You can also click the Download button (the cloud) to save files to your device.

    • You can add feedback using the Comment box in the bottom right corner - type your comment, record audio/video, or upload a file (for example, a grading rubric). Your comments, along with any comments from the student, will appear in the panel above.

    • If you have any Curriculum Tags applied to the activity, you'll also see them listed near the top on the right-hand side.

      • You can click on any tag to assign a proficiency level. Proficiency levels are only visible to students once their activity submission has been published as a post.

      • To add/edit Curriculum Tags for all students in your existing activity, click the X in the upper left corner to close the assessment panel. From the quick review table, select the menu button (three dots) in the top right corner of the activity and select ‘Edit Activity’.

    • To add/edit Curriculum Tags for a single student, simply click ‘Edit Tags’ within the student’s submission in the assessment panel to the right.

  4. Use the arrows beside the student’s name to cycle between other students’ submissions.

Once you've reviewed the submission, you can either:

  1. Post Submission: Posting the submission will create a post in the designated space and feed. Posting a submission will also make the proficiency levels visible to the student. As the teacher, you can always make updates to the submission post. For more information on posting submissions, visit our help article How can I publish student activity submissions to a space?

  2. Request Resubmission: Click the menu button (three dots) near the top right, and select Request Resubmission. This will prompt you to enter a reason for the request, and notify the student that they will need to re-do the activity. The resubmission request will be logged and date/time stamped along the right-hand side of your screen, along with any comments.

  3. Lock Submission: If you have toggled on the ability for students to unsubmit their work, you will also have the option to Lock Submission. Locking the submission means that you are prohibiting any further changes and have already reviewed the work.

  • If you have set a due date for the activity, you'll receive a notification when the due date has passed, and the activity will be updated to 'Ready for Review' status.

  • Students and linked family members will also receive a notification if an assigned activity has not been submitted by the due date.

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