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How can I post student activity submissions to a space?
How can I post student activity submissions to a space?

Learn more about adding activity submissions to spaces

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Student activity submissions will appear in the Activities section. They will initially only be visible to you, the teacher, and to the student that submitted them, allowing you to provide formative feedback in a confidential forum, or request resubmission if necessary.

Note: Even if an activity is past due, students can still submit responses. Submissions made after the due date will be flagged as late.

Once all submissions have been reviewed and you're ready to fully close the activity, it's time to post the activity to its designated space.

To post a completed activity to its space:

  1. Open the Quick Review Table for your activity

  2. Click the Post to Space button in the top right corner

  3. Select students whose activity you wish to post.

    Note: A red warning will appear beside students who have not yet submitted their activity. If you select to post for a student that has not submitted their activity, a blank submission will be created on their behalf with the name of the activity listed as the title.

  4. Important: If you want to include comments from the activity submission in the published post, toggle this option on!

  5. Click the blue checkmark in the top right corner.

It’s that simple! Your activity has now been posted to its designated space.

Note: Once the activity has been posted, activity instructions will remain visible, but students will no longer have the option to submit responses for the activity.

If you've published your activity, but you're not seeing any comments on the posts, most likely it is because you did not have the 'include comments' option enabled. To avoid this, ensure that the option is toggled on when publishing posts from an activity.

To go back and re-create your activity posts for a student if you meant to include comments:

  1. Open the Activities tab and select the activity

  2. Click the green Posted button for the first student you'd like to re-publish

  3. Click Unlock Submission, then confirm Yes, Unlock

  4. You can repeat step 3 for all of the students you wish to re-publish

  5. Click the Post to Space button for the activity, and check off the option to 'Include comments in activities posted to the space'

Keep in mind that if any comments have been added directly to the post in the space, those will be lost when the submission is unlocked.

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