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Can Curriculum Tags be added to Activities?
Can Curriculum Tags be added to Activities?

Learn about applying Curriculum Tags to activity submissions

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Yes! You can include Curriculum Tags as part of your Activities, and have them applied to your students' submissions.

This is a great way to streamline the organization of your Spaces around the learning outcomes you want to prioritize. If you publish an activity submission as a post, the tags will automatically be applied to the posts as well.

To get started, click on the Activities tab for any class in your Teacher account. You can either:

  • Click the Create button to start creating a new Activity

  • Click the menu button (three dots) on an existing activity, then Edit

    • If you edit an existing activity to add curriculum tags before publishing student submissions, the tags will be included in the posts

    • Any edits to the tags on an activity will not affect posts that have already been published from the activity

Whether you're creating a new activity or editing an existing one, you'll see a Curriculum Tags section near the bottom of the page.

  1. Click Add Tags

  2. Check off the tags you want to add - you can search or filter by tag set

  3. Click the blue check-mark button

Once all other activity settings are configured how you want them, click either Assign (for a new activity) or Save Changes (if editing an existing activity).

That's all there is to it! Your selected tags have been added to the activity.

  • Students will see the applicable Curriculum Tags when working on the activity, and teachers will see them when reviewing submissions.

  • Tags will automatically be applied when publishing an activity, either for all students or an individual submission.

    • Note: if you have already published submissions for some students, any edits to the tags on that activity will not affect the published posts.

  • Teachers can still manually edit or add tags on published activity posts.

  • Don't see the tags you're looking for?

  • Don't see the option to add Curriculum Tags in an Activity?

    • If you're using the option to add an existing activity to another class, you won't see the Curriculum Tags option in the Activity editor until you have selected a class at the top of the page.

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