Using Self Assessment As Feedback
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Self assessment as feedback can be seen as the ultimate goal in self-regulation and metacognitive processes, and this is outlined in Feedback: The Communication of Praise, Criticism, and Advice by Sutton, Hornsey, and Douglas.

However, Self Assessment is also a skill that needs to be taught and modelled. To help students reach autonomy with this valuable skill, the following considerations should be in place:

  • The learning objective needs to be taught

  • Exemplars have been provided

  • Self-feedback prompts are available

  • Next steps for further improvement have been outlined

  • Time for reflection and revision is available

Spaces Tip

In SpacesEDU, self assessment as feedback can be as visible as the settings that are enabled. Students can engage in reflection and revisions in a visible environment (the Class Space or the Group Space) or they can engage in private reflection and revision in their Individual Space.

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