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Providing ‘Negative’ Feedback In A Positive Environment
Providing ‘Negative’ Feedback In A Positive Environment
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While positive feedback can be highly appreciated, it can also detract from the value of the feedback, especially if students feel that it is disingenuous. In Instruction based on feedback, John Hattie explains that ‘Negative’ feedback produces positive outcomes when it is goal-directed, corrects for errors, or suggests different ways for proceeding.

When corrective feedback is given in an environment that has fostered a positive student-teacher relationship, it can be very well received. The student can perceive the teacher’s purpose without the need for positive affirmation.

Spaces Tip

Whether teaching in-person, hybrid, or a fully digital environment, SpacesEDU can be an integral component to fostering a positive classroom environment. The class, group, and individual spaces provide opportunities for student voice and choice. Students and teachers are given a space to build an environment of trust and positivity.

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