How do I add to a Reporting Space?

Learn how to create a curated collection of your students' work with Reporting Spaces

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Reporting Spaces make it easy to copy posts and activity submissions from any space within your class into one place.

  • Want to learn more about what Reporting Spaces are, and how to get access to them? Click here.

  • To get started adding content, simply click on the bookmark icon at the bottom of any post:

For an individual student post, click the bookmark button, and a copy of the post will be added directly to the Reporting Space for that student.

With posts added for multiple students, or the entire class, you will be prompted to confirm whether you wish to post to the Reporting Space for all students, or selected students only.

  • For selected students, select the students you would like to copy the post for, and click the blue checkmark when complete

Reporting Spaces are an optional add-on feature for schools and districts using SpacesEDU Pro

  • If your school is licensing SpacesEDU Pro with this option enabled, each class that you create will include a Reporting Space by default, and the space automatically includes all students in that class

  • If the bookmark button does not appear on posts, or the Reporting Spaces banner at the top of the Spaces section in your teacher account, this means that your school is either not licensing SpacesEDU Pro, or the Reporting Spaces option has been disabled at the request of your school or district

What happens when I add a post to a Report Space?

Adding a post to a Reporting Space creates a new, separate copy of the original post.

  • The copy will include all of the original curriculum tags, proficiency scales, and comments (as of the time it is created)

  • Teachers can add new comments to a post in a Reporting Space that will not be visible on the original post in the student's main Feed

  • New comments added to the original post will not be added to the copy in the Reporting Space

  • If the original post is deleted, the copy in the Reporting Space will still be accessible

How to remove a post from the Reporting Space:

There are two ways to remove a post from the Reporting Space:

  1. You can click again on the bookmark button in the original Feed where the post was created. For multiple-student posts, uncheck the students for whom your wish to remove the post

  2. You can also click on the menu button (three dots) for a post within the Reporting Space, then click Delete Post

  • This will not delete the original post, only the copy in the Reporting Space

  • Any comments that were added only in the Reporting Space will be lost if this version is deleted

Note: Only teachers can copy posts into a Reporting Space. Depending on the visibility settings you have applied, you have the option to allow students and/or family members to add comments as well.

To find out more about the customization options and potential uses for Reporting Spaces, check out this article: How do I use Reporting Spaces?

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