What is a Reporting Space?

Learn more about the Reporting Space and enabling the option for your school.

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Think of it as a visual report card or a summative portfolio. Teachers can easily bookmark exemplary artifacts of student learning throughout the year and add them to a Reporting Space.

  • The Reporting Space can be shared with family and/or students at the end of the year or at various progress points.

  • Each student has their own unique story when it comes to their learning and growth — the Reporting Space allows you to tell those stories.

  • Within the Reporting Space, teachers can add a Summary Statement to provide a overview of each student's overall progress, along with custom Areas of Learning to provide a more focused view of specific outcomes.

  • The Reporting Space Summary & Areas of Learning can be downloaded and printed or saved in PDF format.

    • Districts and independent schools can also brand their Reporting Space PDFs with both a logo and a reference image (for example, a visual depiction of the proficiency scale you're using)

    • If you are a lead with a school or district licensing Reporting Spaces, and you'd like to add or update your logo or reference image, please reach out to your SpacesEDU implementation contact or start a chat with us in the corner of your screen.

The Reporting Space is available as an optional add-on to SpacesEDU Pro, and is not included with the base SpacesEDU Pro license.

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