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November 2022 Product Updates
November 2022 Product Updates

Check out the latest feature updates for November 2022.

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This November some very exciting new updates from the team at SpacesEDU. Take a look at what we have in store for you with our latest release.

iPad App for Students

SpacesEDU apps were previously designed for mobile phones on iOS and Android. While the iOS app works well on iPad, it is not properly scaled to fit the larger screen size.

The new Native iPad App for Students is optimized to make better use of your iPad's full screen in portrait and landscape orientation.

SpacesEDU iPad App will be available to all students (SpacesEDU Free and SpacesEDU Pro).

Proficiency Report

SpacesEDU Pro licensed schools and districts now gain access to a dedicated Proficiency Report. Teachers will find this report on the right side of the Class Feed.

Educators can easily filter the content by student or Curriculum Tag and switch between Average or Most Recent views. You now have the flexibility to decide how you view student growth and performance.

In the Proficiency Report table, teachers can see each applied curriculum tag and the assigned proficiency for each student, making interim and year-end reporting easier than ever. No more jumping between paper documentation or custom spreadsheets that you’ve created - everything is now in SpacesEDU!

Note - The Proficiency Report is not available within mobile apps (iOS and Android).

Activity Proficiency Table

To ensure that it is easy to review student activity submissions and apply proficiency, we've added a new tab to the Activity Submission Page. This means, you can quickly apply proficiencies at scale! Easily make changes, verify all proficiencies have been entered correctly, or speed through the application of proficiencies within this new Activity Proficiency Table.

The Activity Proficiency Table will be available educators on the SpacesEDU Pro license.

Note - The Activity Proficiency Table is not available within mobile apps (iOS and Android).

Reporting Space Updates

We have two new exciting changes to Reporting Spaces: Summary Statements and Areas of Learning.

Within each of your student’s Reporting Spaces, you’ll now be able to create a statement that provides students and their families with a custom overview of their learning journey. Simply click ‘Edit Summary’ and apply a Summary Statement or Areas of Learning.

With Summary Statements, you can share a summary with text or up to 10 media attachments. The flexibility is yours! Students and Family will be able to see these changes once the Reporting Space has been made visible to them.

With Areas of Learning, educators can customize the Reporting Space by creating subsections for specific subject areas, topics, or even attendance. Within each Area of Learning, teachers can add additional content and details unique to each student.

Each student has their own unique story when it comes to their journey of learning and growth — with Reporting Spaces, we help tell those tales.

The Reporting Space updates will be available educators on the SpacesEDU Pro+ license.

Additional Updates

We also made a handful of smaller performance and quality of life improvements in SpacesEDU.

  • Added support for OneRoster 1.2 (SIS Sync)

  • Notification preferences will now be available to school and district administrators

  • When teachers require account access, they will now have access to a list of administrators that can help them gain approval

  • Teachers and students will only be able to update their email once every 24 hours

  • The space creation process now contains more information and example use cases to better support your needs in the classroom

  • Post reactions have been made larger for greater accessibility

  • Fixed several bugs and introduced select performance enhancements

If you’re interested in learning more about SpacesEDU Pro features for your school or district, don’t hesitate to contact us -

Learn more about SpacesEDU Pro on our website -

Stay tuned for more information on upcoming releases. For the latest updates, check out our Public Product Roadmap. You can submit ideas or add your thoughts to any of the existing Roadmap items.

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