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March 2023 Product Updates
March 2023 Product Updates

SpacesEDU updates to provide a ‘spring’ in your step

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Spring has sprung, and so have our latest updates here at SpacesEDU! Get ready to explore a host of new features and enhancements, with even more exciting updates on the horizon.

Template Posts

Over the past few months, our focus has been on “quality of life” improvements based on feedback from SpacesEDU teachers. The most common request has been the ability to easily create posts for all students and personalize them with media and assessment.

We’ve heard you! And we are excited to share an update to help support this workflow. When creating a new post, teachers will now have access to two options:

  1. Shared Post: Easily create 1 post for all students. This is the create post flow you are already familiar with. This option is great for creating class-wide announcements or sharing the same content to all students.

  2. Template Post: This NEW option creates 1 post for each student, allowing for individualized media and student assessment once it has been posted.

This update is available to all SpacesEDU users.

Invite Family from SIS/LMS Sync

Inviting family members to classes in SpacesEDU is a necessary step to support family engagement. Currently, teachers must locate students in the ‘family’ section and then add each family member one at a time. We understand that this process takes time, especially when teachers may have those emails available to them within their SIS.

This update allows you to pull up a list of all available family member emails (from your SIS/LMS Sync) and select the family members you wish to provide access to.

This feature is only available to SpacesEDU Pro licensed schools and districts that are rostering via SIS/LMS Sync.

Rich text formatting (RTF)

Looking to bold a passage or underline a critical note within your post? Rich Text Formatting (RTF) is now available within the post creation flow, the activity creation flow, and activity submissions. That means that both teachers and students have more ways to personalize their content in SpacesEDU.

This update is available to all SpacesEDU users.

Student lists sorted by last name

With this update, all student lists represented in SpacesEDU are now sorted by last name. This update is automatic and does not require any action by a teacher. Every instance of a student list will be updated to reflect this change.

This update is available to all SpacesEDU users.

Additional Updates

We also made a handful of additional performance and quality-of-life improvements in SpacesEDU.

  • Region confirmation

    • Users will be prompted to select their correct region when they visit - To help prevent login issues in the future, we’ll store that information to avoid visitors being directed to the incorrect region.

  • Ability for students to download original Microsoft Office documents from Activities

    • Students will now have the ability to download their original source file within the Activity. For now, this is only applicable to Microsoft Office documents, including Docs, PowerPoint, and Excel files.

    • Tip: If you're a Google User looking to make use of this feature - be sure to download your Google file as a .docx, .pptx, or .xlxs file before uploading to SpacesEDU!

  • People will have the ability to send messages with a ‘CTRL+ENTER’ shortcut vs. having to click the submit button.

If you’re interested in learning more about SpacesEDU Pro or the Reporting Add-On features for your school or district, don’t hesitate to contact us -

Learn more about SpacesEDU Pro on our website -

Stay tuned for more information on upcoming releases. For the latest updates, check out our Public Product Roadmap. You can submit ideas or add your thoughts to any of the existing Roadmap items.

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