May 2023 Product Updates

SpacesEDU updates to warm you up before summertime

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Summer is nearly upon us, and before we kick back and bask in the sun, we've been hard at work. Let's have a look at some exciting features and updates that our team has been developing in recent months based on your feedback.

Activity Updates

We're excited to announce a number of Activity updates designed to streamline teachers' workflows. These updates enable teachers to efficiently navigate through activity submissions, allowing for editing and assessment from the same screen.

Perhaps the most impactful update is the significant reduction in clicks required through the Activity process. We've simplified the process from 11 clicks for student submission and assessment down to just 2 clicks, enhancing the speed and ease of assessment. This feature highlights our commitment to making teachers' tasks more efficient and manageable.

  • Teachers can now apply proficiencies in the draft stage of the submission process - Meaning teachers no longer need to wait for a submission before providing proficiencies.

  • Teachers can click directly into the student vs having to select 'Start Activity' or 'Edit Activity'.

  • We're promoting 'Save Draft' and 'Save & Next' as the key actions now vs Submission. If teachers are submitting on behalf of their students, this means that it’s even easier to cycle between students to add that content.

  • Curriculum tags are now much more accessible and visually appealing from the new Assessment panel - Teachers can select a proficiency level with one easy click

Not ready to make the switch to this format yet? No problem - Teachers will have the ability to decide whether to switch to the new format or not during the Activity creation or edit screens.

Want to test this new activity format on pre-existing Activities? Teachers can freely switch back and forth with no impact on the Activity itself. So go on… give it a try and experiment!

These updates are available to all SpacesEDU users.

All Work Feed for Students

We're excited to introduce the All Work Feed. This update offers students a unified repository of all their work within the platform, clearly showcasing their growth over time. Students can now easily navigate through their entire work history, all centralized in one feed.

This feature contains a filtering system, allowing students to sort posts by class, timeframe, and the presence of tags, enabling quicker and easier access to specific pieces of work. While this first version is read-only, students will have the ability to copy their work to a new Class or Space, expanding the possibilities for learning and collaboration.

Please note that the All Work Feed is only available to students within their student account.

This update reinforces our commitment to enhancing student experience and streamlining learning processes within our platform.

This feature is only available to SpacesEDU Pro licensed schools and districts.

Reporting Space Proficiencies

Mirroring Proficiencies within Posts, we're introducing Reporting Space Proficiencies. This enables teachers to assign specific proficiency levels to each Area of Learning, creating a more comprehensive and tailored view of a student's academic progress. Teachers will have the ability to add, remove, or modify proficiencies for each Area of Learning.

This upgrade empowers educators to provide more accurate and personalized feedback, fostering improved student learning outcomes.

This feature is only available to SpacesEDU Pro licensed schools and districts with the Reporting add-on.

Ability to brand the Reporting Space

We've enhanced our Reporting Space feature to include even more customization options. Districts will be able to brand their Reporting Space PDFs with their unique logos, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the reporting documents for students and families.

We also support the ability to add additional assets to the Reporting Space PDF to aid in the reporting process. This will support the incorporation of additional essential resources, such as proficiency charts, offering valuable references for students and families.

These additions will not only make the Reporting Space PDFs more informative but also personalized to each district's identity, reinforcing our commitment to a quality educational experience.

To add the logo or reference image for your district, please contact our support team to assist in adding this content to your Reporting Spaces.

This feature is only available to SpacesEDU Pro licensed schools and districts with the Reporting add-on.

Additional Updates

We also made a handful of additional performance and quality of life improvements in SpacesEDU.

  • Ability for family to access Activity instructions within their student’s post (SpacesEDU FREE)

  • ‘Selected’ section within the Curriculum Tag dialog for educators to always have access to their selected tags at the top of the dialog (SpacesEDU FREE)

  • Copied posts to also include Curriculum Tags (SpacesEDU FREE)

    • Currently, when a Teacher copies a post to a new Space, the copied posts do not include the existing curriculum tags from the original post

    • Additional notes:

      • Any selected proficiencies will not be included in the copied post

      • Posts copied by students will not include Curriculum Tags

  • Ability to customize Space cards with pictures (SpacesEDU FREE)

    • Teachers will be able to further customize the look of their Space cards by applying photos of their choice

If you’re interested in learning more about SpacesEDU Pro or the Reporting Add-On features for your school or district, don’t hesitate to contact us -

Learn more about SpacesEDU Pro on our website -

Stay tuned for more information on upcoming releases. For the latest updates, check out our Public Product Roadmap. You can submit ideas or add your thoughts to any of the existing Roadmap items.

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