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July 2023 Product Updates
July 2023 Product Updates

Unveiling some exciting summer updates for SpacesEDU

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As the summer temperatures rise, so does our excitement! We’ve been hard at work on some exciting updates that will enhance the way you use SpacesEDU in the classroom. So brace yourself for innovative features and improved functionality that will make the new school year a breeze.

Activity Enhancements

We're thrilled to announce our second milestone of Activity updates designed to streamline teachers' workflows. These updates will make assessing activities within SpacesEDU much easier so you can focus on what you do best - teaching!

Activity Quick Review Table

The Quick Review Table shows you all of your students and their Activity progress, while providing you with new options to quickly add content on their behalf, provide feedback, assign proficiencies, and modify submission statuses.

You’ll be able to see who has or has not submitted activities, which students have received feedback, which students have asked questions or added comments, and which submissions require assessment on one screen.

Increased Activity Flexibility

There have been a number of enhancements to make Activities more flexible, including:

  • Ability for teachers to edit all Activities and Activity Posts

    • Teachers will now have an ‘Edit’ button available on Activity submissions to make quick changes. Catch a spelling error or need to make a rapid edit? Click on the pencil, make your edits, and ‘Save Changes’. You can make these edits regardless of the Activity status, and if the Activity has already been posted, the changes will sync across the platform.

  • Ability to ‘Post to Space’ via the new dialog

    • Click ‘Post to Space’ to quickly post Activity submissions to their respective Spaces in just a couple of clicks.

    • If a teacher applies Proficiency without requiring a submission, we will create an empty Activity submission to contain the Proficiency score. If you select ‘Post to Space’ for an empty submission, the new post will include the Activity title and the assessment you provided.

  • Proficiency Table updates for increased flexibility

    • The Proficiency Table will be more dynamic - Allowing you to easily update proficiencies without adding evidence of learning on behalf of students or waiting for their submissions.

  • Ability for teachers to change the state of Activities

    • Teachers will have the ability to easily switch the status of an Activity submission, so you will no longer be blocked from making changes or edits

Renamed Activity States

We’ve simplified the language we use across the site, so you will see new terms.

Ability for Students to Unsubmit Activities

Teachers can now enable an “Unsubmit” option for students.

If a teacher allows students to ‘unsubmit’ an Activity, students will be able to unsubmit and make changes until the submission has been locked by the teacher.

All of the Activity updates and enhancements are available to all SpacesEDU users.

Additional Updates

We also made a handful of additional performance and quality of life improvements in SpacesEDU.

  • Ability to Modify Imported Class Names (SpacesEDU Pro + Reporting Add-On)

    • Teachers can now modify the names of imported classes, reducing the challenge of differentiating classes that share similar codes or names.

  • Ability to Prevent Students from Deleting Posts (SpacesEDU Free)

    • We’ve introduced a new toggle in the class settings that empowers teachers to enable or disable the ability for students to delete their own Post content. This ensures that teacher comments and work are not at risk of being lost to student deletions.

  • Ability for Teachers to Edit any Post (SpacesEDU Free)

    • Teachers will now have the ability to edit any Post within SpacesEDU, regardless of who created the content. Previously, teachers only had the ability to delete student or teacher Posts and not edit them.

  • Teacher notifications when family comments on student Posts (SpacesEDU Free)

    • Teachers will now receive notifications when a family member comments on all Posts.

    • Teachers will be able to toggle this notification OFF from within their notification settings.

If you’re interested in learning more about SpacesEDU Pro or the Reporting Add-On features for your school or district, don’t hesitate to contact us -

Learn more about SpacesEDU Pro on our website -

Stay tuned for more information on upcoming releases. For the latest updates, check out our Public Product Roadmap. You can submit ideas or add your thoughts to any of the existing Roadmap items.

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