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How can I update my notification settings?
How can I update my notification settings?
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In this handy guide, we'll show you how to update your notification settings.

Let's get started!

What notifications will I receive?

As a family member, you'll receive a notification:

  • When you first create your account (Email)

  • When you're invited by a teacher to sign up to a new class (Email)

  • If you request a password reset (Email)

  • If your password has been successfully reset (Email)

  • When a linked student creates a new post (Email, In-App, Push Notification)

  • When you receive a new message (Email, In-App, Push Notification)

  • When a teacher has added a new post to the account of a linked student, or to their entire class (Email, In-App, Push Notification)

  • When anyone comments on a post in your linked student's account (Email, In-App, Push Notification)

How can I update my notification preferences?

Web browser:

  • Click the bell icon at the top right corner

  • Select the gear icon

  • Choose in-app, email, or both for notifications

iOS / Android app:

  • Tap your avatar or initials at the top right

  • Select Notifications and tap the gear button

  • Enable or disable push notifications

Personalize your SpacesEDU notifications and stay connected in a way that suits you best!

If you encounter any issues or require further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact SpacesEDU support at

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