What is the Reporting Space?

Explore the Reporting Space from your family account.

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The Reporting Space is a dedicated area in SpacesEDU where teachers can share valuable insights about your child's progress, achievements, and growth throughout their educational experience.

What is the Reporting Space?

The Reporting Space allows teachers to provide a comprehensive view of your child's learning journey. Some schools and teachers use it as an official report card, while others use it for informal updates on your child's progress.

In the Reporting Space, you'll find a visual report that highlights your child's learning milestones. Teachers can showcase significant moments by bookmarking posts from other Spaces, creating a ‘highlight reel’ of your child's educational accomplishments.

How Do Teachers Use the Reporting Space?

Teachers who use the Reporting Space for official reporting purposes might include a Summary Statement that provides an overview of your child's progress. They could also provide written updates on specific Areas of Learning, such as individual subjects. Some teachers might even assign a proficiency score to these Areas of Learning.

Teachers can add a Summary Statement to provide an overall view of your child's progress. They can also include custom Areas of Learning to focus on specific subjects or outcomes. These statements and areas of learning can be downloaded, printed, or saved in PDF format.

Why is the Reporting Space Important?

The Reporting Space offers a unique insight into your child's individual learning journey. It allows teachers to highlight strengths, areas of growth, and important achievements. This visual report serves as a meaningful way for both you and your child to reflect on their educational path.

Imagine the Reporting Space as a visual report card or a summative portfolio. Teachers can easily select and add exemplary pieces of your child's work throughout the year. This collection of work can be shared with you and your child at various points during the academic year.

The Reporting Space is designed to adapt to different teaching methods. It can be used to facilitate ongoing discussions, showcase achievements, and even replace traditional report cards, depending on how your child’s teacher/school/district chooses to use it.

How do I access my child’s reporting space?

To access your child’s Reporting Space:

  1. From your dashboard, select the class you wish to explore

  2. Click the Spaces tab at the top of your screen

  3. Click View Reporting Space

Note: If the Reporting Space does not appear at the top of your Spaces tab, your child’s teacher may have disabled access to the space. Kindly reach out to your child’s teacher to confirm.

We're committed to providing you with an inclusive and insightful learning experience for your child. If you have any questions about the Reporting Space or other SpacesEDU features, please contact us at hello@spacesedu.com.

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