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How can I track student and family engagement?
How can I track student and family engagement?

Find out how to confirm if students or linked family members have accessed classes and read messages

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With SpacesEDU Pro, staff can easily find out when students and linked family members have last accessed their classes, or access read receipts for messages they've sent. There are also school and district-level statistics available to administrators.

Class Engagement Dashboard

To track when your students and families have accessed your class as a teacher:

  • Click the People tab at the top of a class

  • Click View Dashboard in the Class Engagement panel on the right

  • From here, you can view the dates and times when each students and family members have most recently accessed your class

    • To switch between viewing student and family accounts, use the option at the top of the page

    • Family accounts have the names of their linked student(s) listed below their name

Read Receipts

Beyond just knowing if they've accessed your classes, teachers can also confirm if students and family members have read the messages they've sent.

  • To access read receipts, simply open any channel or conversation in the Messages section

  • Near the bottom right, you'll see Unread or the number of students and/or family members that have viewed the message

  • To see a list with the dates and times when the message was viewed, click the Unread or Read link

    • From there, you can toggle at the top of the page between viewing the recipients that have read the message, and those who haven't read it yet

  • Teachers can only access read receipts for messages they've sent, not messages sent by other teachers

  • Students and family members cannot access read receipts

  • Administrators do not have access to send or view Messages within the Classes page, so they are not able to view read receipts

    • However, administrators can be invited to join classes as co-teachers if they require full access to view and send messages

Administrator Account - Class Engagement Stats

The administrator account also provides general class engagement numbers on the Dashboard, either for an entire district (with All Schools selected) or for a specific school.

By default, these numbers include activity for all users - staff, students, and family - over the past 6 months. You can check or uncheck the options, and change the date range in the drop-down menu to drill down and access more specific information.

All of these features are only available with SpacesEDU Pro. If you're interested in SpacesEDU Pro for your school, contact us at

If you're already licensing Pro, and you're looking for additional usage stats for your district or school, reach out to your implementation contact, or send us a message with the option in the corner of your screen!

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