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What devices and browsers does SpacesEDU support?
What devices and browsers does SpacesEDU support?

Find out more about the system requirements, devices and browsers supported by SpacesEDU.

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What devices can teachers, students, and families use with SpacesEDU?

Teachers, students, and family members can access their SpacesEDU accounts on smartphones and tablets (iOS or Android), laptop and desktop computers, and Chromebooks.

For optimal performance and security, we recommend ensuring that your web browser and operating system are updated to the latest version. This site provides instructions how to check for browser updates on a wide variety of platforms.

If you are unable to update your browser because you are on an older version of your operating system, you may encounter compatibility issues with certain features. Running an outdated Web browser also subjects you to potential security risks.

iOS or Android - Apps

The SpacesEDU mobile app is available on the following devices and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play:

  • Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad):

    • Minimum required version 13+

    • Minimum required version 5.0+

  • To find the latest version of the app, click the link above from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. It will open your app store where you can install the app, enable automated updates, and see if any updates are available.

    • On both iOS and Android, we recommend turning automated app updates on to ensure that you are always using the latest version of the app.

    • The latest version of the app for iOS is 1.24.0 (193) -v79 and for Android is 1.24.0 (3740) -v73.

  • To learn more about app versions and automated updates see the following articles for:

  • These minimum requirements reflect the oldest versions of iOS and Android that will allow you to install the SpacesEDU app. For an improved experience, where possible we recommend using a device that has been updated to the latest operating system version.

    • While we strive to maintain compatibility as long as possible, older devices that cannot be updated to the latest OS are more likely to experience performance issues with any application (slow loading, crashes, etc.).

  • You can also access SpacesEDU directly through a mobile Web browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.).

Additional notes about iOS compatibility

  • The minimum required version of iOS to install the SpacesEDU app is iOS 13 or higher

    • Any devices that cannot be updated to at least iOS 13 will not be able to install or run the app.

  • The following iOS devices can be updated to iOS 13, and can install the app at this time. However, they are no longer supported by Apple with software updates, and cannot be updated beyond iOS 13:

    • iPhone 5S

    • iPhone 6/6 Plus

    • iPad Mini 2

    • iPad Mini 3

    • iPad Air (2013)

  • These older devices (released in 2013-2014) may encounter slowdowns, crashes, and issues with certain features.

    • In particular, there is a known issue with Single Sign-On (SSO) which is not possible to resolve on iOS 13.

    • This means that users will not be able to log in to the app using their school district SSO on these devices. Students can still access their accounts by logging in via QR code.

    • We recognize that replacement is not always feasible, and we will endeavour to support installation of the app on these devices as long as we can.

    • However, continued security and performance improvements will eventually require ending support for these devices. If your school is still using them, we suggest planning for replacement or an alternate method of access to SpacesEDU.

iOS and Android - Mobile Browsers

You can also access SpacesEDU from your mobile devices in the following browsers. Note the limitations below.

  • Chrome: Version 78 and newer

  • Firefox: Version 68 and newer

  • UC Browser for Android: Version 12.12 and newer

  • Safari: Version 12.2 and newer

  • Samsung Internet: Version 9.2 and newer

  • KaiOS Browser: Version 2.5

Chromebooks and Computers

Web Browsers

  • Chrome: Version 79 and newer

  • Microsoft Edge: Version 17 and newer

  • Firefox: Version 70 and newer

  • Safari: Version 13.0 and newer

  • Opera: Version 63 and newer

Here are links to upgrade (or download) the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Edge

Operating Systems

  • Mac OS: 12.2 (Monterey) or newer

  • Windows: 7 or newer

Known Limitations & Troubleshooting Tips

Some specific types of media capture in-browser are not yet supported on particular browsers and operating systems.

  • Safari on macOS - For desktop users running Safari on macOS, photo and video capture is not currently supported. However, you can still upload videos and photos captured using another application. 

  • For all browsers, videos created on iOS devices (iPads and iPhones) will not display previews until you or your students refresh your feed. The video will be visible and playable, the preview will simply not populate.

  • For all browsers on iOS devices (iPads and iPhones), audio is not currently supported.

  • For SpacesEDU Pro users, the Proficiency Report and Activity Proficiency Table are only available on the web version of SpacesEDU. If using a mobile device or tablet, these features will not be available.

Drag & Drop File Uploading:

  • When you are uploading a file to a Post or Activity, you will see the option to drag and drop a file onto your Web browser:

  • This will work to drag and drop files from a Windows Explorer or Finder window, and from most applications.

  • However, some applications may not send the expected file format when using drag and drop.

  • One known example is the Photos app on Mac OS - if you drag and drop a video from Photos to your browser, it will transfer as a photo:

  • If you encounter any issues with the drag and drop upload, try clicking the 'Select Files to Upload' button and locating the file directly on your device.

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback!

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