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How can students log in with QR Codes?
How can students log in with QR Codes?

Learn how to generate and use QR codes to simplify student logins

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If you are looking for a way to allow your students to log in without needing to remember a password - look no further!

SpacesEDU Pro supports students logging in with a QR Code that teachers can generate directly from their account. Each student has their own unique code they can scan with the camera on their tablet, smartphone, or computer.

Generating QR Codes

To access your students' QR codes, their accounts will first need to be created. This can happen in one of two ways:

  • You can invite your students to join the class - note that this requires them to sign up using an email address first, before you can generate a QR code.

  • For districts and schools using SpacesEDU Pro, student accounts can also be created through rostering. This allows QR codes to be generated before students have logged in, even if they don't have an email address.

Once your class is created and your students have been added:

  1. Select the People tab

  2. Within the Students page, you can either:

    1. Click the QR Code button to the right of a student's name to generate their individual QR code

    2. Click View All QR Codes to print or download all student QR codes (1 code per page)

You may print the QR code or use the 'Save as PDF' option in your browser's print menu to download and share electronically with students.

Security Considerations & Resetting QR Codes

It is important to keep security in mind with your students' QR codes.

  • Much like a username and password, a student's QR code will allow full access to their account.

  • Do not share a student's QR code with other students

  • Ensure that students know not to lose their code or leave it unattended

  • Never share a student's QR code on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

  • If a student has lost their QR code, or you suspect it may have been used to access their account without authorization:

    • Select the People tab

    • Within the Student page, click the QR Code button for that student

    • Select Reset - this will invalidate the previous QR code (it can no longer be used to log in), and generate a new one

  • As a security feature, QR codes are automatically reset after 1 year from the date they are first generated

Logging in with QR Codes

There are two different ways that students can log in with a QR code.

The first is through a web browser or the SpacesEDU iOS/Android app:

  1. Visit and select Log In, or open the mobile app

  2. Select Log in with QR Code

  3. If prompted, ensure that you allow access to your device's camera

  4. Centre the QR code in the blue square until you see a green check-mark and 'Successfully Scanned' message

That's all there is to it - you're logged in!

The other option is using the built-in camera app on your device. While this is not supported on all devices, most newer devices running Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) will allow you to directly scan QR codes with the camera.

Simply open your default camera application, and focus on the QR code until you see a link pop up. Tap the link, and you should be brought directly into your account. If you are having problems scanning with your camera app, we recommend revisiting the instructions above to log in through a browser or the mobile app.


  • I am a student and I want to log in this way! Where do I get my code?

    • QR codes can only be generated by teachers using the licensed version of SpacesEDU Pro

    • To see if this option is available, ask your teacher

  • What if I am receiving an 'Invalid QR Code' message?

    • This means that the QR code is either expired, or not a valid SpacesEDU QR code

    • If you're a teacher: follow the instructions above to generate a new QR code for your student

    • If you are a student: contact your teacher to request an updated QR code for SpacesEDU

  • Can teachers log in with a QR code?

    • No, QR code login is only available for students

    • This is intended to ensure a higher level of security for teacher and administrator accounts

    • If the option to generate a QR code for an individual student is disabled, it's because that student also has an approved teacher or administrator account under the same credentials

  • Can students still log in with an email address if they've used a QR code?

    • Yes, students can use both methods to log in

  • Do students need an email address to use SpacesEDU? Can they just use a QR code?

    • Students are required to use an email address when signing up for an account manually

    • SpacesEDU Pro with Rostering allows student accounts to be created without an email, and accessed only via QR code

    • If a student has only used a QR code to log in, and not set an email on their account:

      • they will not receive any email notifications from SpacesEDU

      • they would need to set an email address and password in their Account Settings to start logging in that way

  • Can QR code logins be disabled for all of my students?

    • For districts and schools licensing SpacesEDU Pro, QR code logins are enabled by default, but can optionally be disabled - for more information, contact your Account Manager

    • QR Code Logins are not available for teachers using the free version of SpacesEDU

  • Why don't I see the option to generate QR codes anywhere?

    • If the QR code option is not available for any students, you may not be using SpacesEDU Pro, or this feature has been disabled at the request of your school/district

Still have questions? Send us a message in the bottom-left corner of your screen, we are happy to help!

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