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Key terms used in SpacesEDU and definitions of what they mean

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Not sure what a phrase or term in SpacesEDU is? Trying to figure out what a "post" or "class avatar" is? 

You've come to the right place. Browse our key terms below:

Account Types

On SpacesEDU, there are three types of accounts associated with a class:

  • Teacher Accounts 

  • Student Accounts

  • Family Accounts


You can react to students’ work with different icons on any individual post. Reacting to a post sends a notification to the student who created the post.


An Activity is a way for teachers to provide specific instructions for students to upload evidence of learning, set start dates / due dates, and track which submissions have been reviewed and responded to. For more information about activities, take a look at this article collection.


When a semester or school year ends, you can archive a class to move it out of your main feed but hang on to all of the great evidence of your students' learning. 


Your avatar is the image associated with you as a Teacher whenever you make a post, comment, or react to student work. You can think of this like a “profile picture” in Google Classroom or popular social networking sites. 


Channels bring together a number of individuals you’d like to send a message(s) or engage in a conversation(s) with. Channels are already pre-defined for you and people are automatically placed in their respective groups when they join your class.

Class Avatar

Your class avatar is an image that all students will see associated with your class. It can be used to customize and differentiate your class from other classes you have associated with SpacesEDU. 

Class Space

Your class is a virtual workspace where students and teachers can create a variety of content posts and can comment, and react to each other’s work.

Class Code

Your class code is a unique string of text that students can use to find and join your classes in SpacesEDU.

Class Link

Your class link is a unique URL that students can enter into their browser to find and join your class.


You can comment on any student post to provide feedback or ask questions. Comments allow you to add text and a variety of media - including the ability to add external URLs to comments. Commenting on a post sends a notification to the student who created the post.

Direct Messages

Send one or more users across Students, Family, or Co-Teachers a message. For example, you could create a group of students for a group project or you could create a group of teachers, family members, and students to talk about an upcoming class trip.

Family Accounts

Family members can create their own accounts where they can view, comment, and react to their student’s work, engage with posts from the teacher, and message with the teacher. Family accounts have a variety of customizable settings to ensure teachers can set the level of family engagement they would like for their classroom.


Your feed is the heart of your class. Your feed is where every new student post and comment will populate. You can click on a student’s name in your class list on the left-hand side to see their individual student feed.

Group Space

Group Spaces are where students can collaborate in smaller groups with peers in their class. You can create multiple Group Spaces for students, and configure access to each space separately.

Individual Space

Individual Spaces are your way to allow each student to share their assignments, reflections, and review feedback privately. You can create multiple Individual Spaces for each student, and configure access to each of them separately.


SpacesEDU is a web and mobile application that enables teachers and students to capture, communicate, and reflect on growth that’s happening in their classroom.


Media refers to any URLs, images, videos, or audio files. Click here to see the file types we support.


Messages allow you to have direct, real-time conversations with students, teachers, family members, and groups. Messages have a variety of customizable settings to ensure teachers can set the level of student engagement they would like for their classroom. Learn more here.


People is where you can see all accounts (students, teachers, and family members) associated with a class.


A post is any new content added to the class feed. You can add a variety of media, text, files, external URLs or Google Drive files to any post. You can initiate a post by clicking the “Create” button on your feed.


The settings tab enables you to customize how you and your students use Spaces. 

Shared Post

A Shared Post creates one copy of the post shared across any students that you select when creating the post.

Template Post

A Template Post creates a separate copy of your post for each student you select. To learn more about Template and Shared Posts, click here.

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