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How can I add posts or activities for all of my students?
How can I add posts or activities for all of my students?

And can I add them for just certain students instead?

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When you are creating a post or an activity as a teacher, you have the option of either posting to All Students or to individual selected students.

Additionally, you have the option to include all future students:

  • With the option to include all future students enabled (the default setting), that post or activity will automatically be visible to any future students that are added to the class

    • This also allows you to create content that will be visible to all of your students, even before inviting them to join, or when you've invited your students but not all of them have accepted the invitation

    • For example, you might use this for a welcome post or an activity that should still be displayed to any future students that join your class

  • With this option unchecked, the post or activity will only be visible to the students that are currently in your class

    • For example, you might have all of your current students in your Spaces class already, and want to add photos from a class trip or project that you don't want to be displayed to students that join the class later in the year

  • Note that these options are only available when creating posts or activities for Individual and Class Spaces.

    • With Group Spaces, you can create posts for all groups, or individual selected groups. If new students join your class, you'll need to manually assign them to a group in the space.

    • Activities can only be added to Individual or Class Spaces.

Shared Posts & Template Posts

When creating a post in Class and Individual Spaces, along with selecting the students to post for, you can select whether you want to create a shared post or a template post.

  • With a Shared Post, you're adding one post shared across all of the students you select

    • This is the default for Class Spaces

    • It's ideal for class bulletins or discussion prompts: it means that students can all add comments on the same post, and engage with each other's comments if you have that visibility setting enabled

    • Using Shared Posts, you cannot apply individualized proficiency levels for each student

    • For additional information on student access with shared posts, see the next section of this article below

  • With Template Posts, you're creating separate copies of your post for each student that you have selected

    • This is the default for Individual and Group Spaces

    • Once you've created the post, this option allows you to apply individual proficiency levels for each student with the curriculum tags you've selected

    • You can also go back and edit the template post for one student without updating the version other students see

    • Template posts are great if you have a description and attachments you want to add across all students, then add individual content later for each student

Student Access to Posts and Comments

The option to select 'all students' also affects student visibility of posts and comments.

When the Student Access Setting to allow students to view each others' posts is disabled, students will not be able to view posts created by other students, posts created as Template Posts, or posts created for individual students by a teacher.

With Shared Posts, in some cases students will be able to see each other's comments even when your Space Settings do not allow them to view each others' posts:

  • Shared Posts that are added in a Class Space using the 'All Students' option will be visible to all students - even if the student access setting to view each other's posts is disabled

    • Student comments on these class-wide posts will also be visible, even if you have the option for students to view each other's comments disabled

    • If this is not intended, you can use the Template Post option instead.

  • Template Posts, and posts that are added by selecting an individual student in a Class Space will only be visible to other students if you have the Student Setting to see posts from other students enabled

  • Students will not be able to see each other's comments on any posts that are added in an Individual Space for multiple students

  • For Individual Spaces, the shared or template post option only controls whether you are creating one post or multiple copies

    • With Shared Posts in individual spaces, all comments will be added to the same post, but only teachers will see all student comments

      • Students will only see top-level comments from teachers, and teacher replies to their own comments - not teacher replies to comments from other students

    • Template Posts create separate posts for each selected student, and comments will be added separately under each student's post

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