How do I reset my password?

Forgot your password? Want to reset it to something new? We're here to help!

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Can't get into your account? Follow the steps below to reset your password and get back up and running!

  1. Click Log In

  2. Select Forgot Password?

  3. Enter your email address and click Next

  4. Follow the password reset link emailed to you 

  5. Enter your new password and select Next

You will be redirected to the Login screen, and can now sign in to your account with your new password. 

Note: If you do not reset your password within 24 hours, the link will expire. You can obtain a new link by clicking Reset Again? in the email.

If you've tried resetting your password but aren't receiving the reset email, or if you're unable to log in despite entering the correct password, first double-check that you are on the correct regional URL:

  • for Canada & International

  • for United States

Attempting to log in or reset the password with an account from one region on the wrong URL will not work.

Do you use your Google account or Single Sign-On to log in to SpacesEDU? 

  • The password reset instructions above apply to users that have opted to set up their account via email address and password.

  • If you are accessing SpacesEDU with your Google account (i.e., the 'Log in with Google' option) and you've forgotten your password, we encourage you to visit Google's Password Reset Instructions.

  • If you are accessing SpacesEDU via Single Sign-On with a school-provided username and password (i.e., you log in through a Microsoft, Google, or other pop-up window after entering your email), then you won't be able to reset your school account password directly through SpacesEDU.

    • To reset the password on your SSO account, please contact your IT helpdesk and/or follow your school's established password reset process.

If you've confirmed the region and tried resetting your password, but you're still not able to log in, please contact SpacesEDU support using the messaging option at the bottom left of your screen. We're happy to help!

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