When you first create your Spaces account, you'll be prompted to create your first class.

Note: when you are creating your first class you can also invite students from Google Classroom. Take a look at the screenshot below.

How do I create additional classes? 

Once you have created your account and set up your first class, you can easily create more classes. Follow the steps below to set up additional classes.

    1. In your teacher account, navigate to the top of the header, and click the home            button, which will open up the classes panel. 

   2. Now that you have opened up the classes panel, click + Add Class.

From here follow the steps below to set up your class:

  1. Give your class a name and select the applicable grade(s)

  2. You can also give your class a cool avatar!

  3. Click Add Class

  4. You will be brought into your classroom where you can start inviting students

Other settings you can access by clicking the 3 grey dots on your class box include,

  1. The ability to edit the class name, grade(s), and avatar

  2. The ability to archive a class - your class will still be accessible from the Archived tab (top right)

  3. The ability to delete your classes - your class will be permanently deleted

After you’ve created your class, you’ll need to invite students to connect. Take a look at our article on, 'How do I invite students to join my class?'

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