To remove users from your class:

  1. Select the appropriate class

  2. Click the People tab

  3. Select Students, Family or Teachers

  4. Find the user you wish to remove

  5. Click the 3 grey dots to the right of their name

  6. Select Remove

Note: when users are removed from a class they will still have access to the class code or class link. To avoid removed users rejoining a class, we suggest resetting your class code and class link.

To reset your class code and link please refer to the following steps:

  1. Select the People tab

  2. Click + Invite Students

  3. For Class Link select Reset Link*

  4. For Class Code select Reset Code*

*Resetting the class code or link will not affect students presently in your class.

To remove users from a Group or Individual Space within a class:

  1. Click the home button

  2. Select your class

  3. Click Spaces

  4. Select the space you want to remove users from

  5. Click the 3 grey dots

  6. Select Edit Groups (Group Space)

  7. Click Edit Students (Individual Space)

  8. Make your edits

  9. Click Save

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