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How can students access all of their past work in SpacesEDU?
How can students access all of their past work in SpacesEDU?

Learn about the All Work Feed and access to posts outside of Classes

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Students at schools and districts licensing SpacesEDU Pro can still access their work from previous classes, even once the term or school year has ended, using the All Work Feed.

To access this feature as a student:

  1. If you're currently in a class, click the Home icon at the top left of your screen

  2. Click the All Work tab at the top of the screen

  3. From here, you can access all previous posts that you created as a student, and teacher posts visible to you

  4. You can filter the Feed by:

    1. Class

    2. Space (after selecting a Class)

    3. Date range

    4. Posts with media attachments

    5. Posts with tags

  5. You can also copy a post from one Class or Space to another by clicking on the menu button (three dots) for any posts, then Copy Post

    1. After clicking Copy Post, you can edit the title and description if you wish, then click Next

    2. Select the Class and Space where you'd like to copy the post, then click Post

What can students access (or not) using the All Work Feed?

  • Students will only have access to the All Work tab if they are associated with a school licensing SpacesEDU Pro

  • The All Work tab does include:

    1. Content from any of their classes at schools using SpacesEDU Free, if the student is in at least one class with a SpacesEDU Pro school

    2. Posts from classes where the student has been removed (with the exception of 'include all future students' teacher posts - see below)

  • The All Work tab does not include:

    • Comments on posts

    • Posts from other students

    • Posts in Spaces that have been set as Hidden for students

    • Posts that have been deleted

    • Teacher posts set to 'include all future students' in classes where the student has been removed

      • When students are removed from classes, any posts that they've created in the classes, or teacher posts linked with a selected group of students, remain visible in the All Work Feed

      • However, posts that teachers have added for the entire class and all future students are no longer visible in the All Work feed for students that have been removed.

      • This only affects students that have been manually removed from the class by a teacher. If students are still in the class and the class is archived, these posts remain visible.

  • To ensure that your students' work remains visible after the end of the term or school year, do not remove all students or delete the class. Instead, ensure that all Spaces you want to remain visible are set to either Visible or Active, and then Archive the class when you are ready.

    • You can still remove students from your class if they have left midway through the year. This will still allow them access to their work in the All Work Feed, with the exceptions outlined above.

    • When creating posts that you want to remain accessible in the All Work Feed for students, even if they have been removed from the class, we recommend also disabling the 'include future students' option.

    • Students that have been removed will not have access to any new content added to the class after their removal, but they can be added back to the class if needed.

Can Teachers access the All Work Feed?

At this time, the All Work Feed is accessible only within student accounts. If your school or district has QR Code Logins enabled, teachers can access the All Work Feed for a particular student by logging in to the student's account directly using the QR code.

We are investigating options for teachers to potentially access this content from their accounts in the future.

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