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December 4th 2020 Product Updates
December 4th 2020 Product Updates

Individual Spaces, Group Spaces, URLs as messages, and much more!

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We’re excited to showcase some fresh features and new ways to make use of SpacesEDU. Here’s what this month’s release includes:

More Space(s)

You’ll notice a new tab within your teacher account, labelled Spaces. Every class that you create will automatically have a Class Space associated. All existing classroom posts from yourself and your students will now be stored within your Class Space.

From the Spaces tab, you’ll be able to create a variety of Spaces to engage your students.

To access your previous class settings and permissions, simply click on those three dots and edit your Class Space’s settings. You’ll also notice a slight change to how permissions work to accommodate for the types of Spaces that you create. Learn more about those changes here.

So, what kinds of Spaces can I create?

Individual Spaces

Individual Spaces allow you to create a safe one-on-one (teacher and student) space for your students to showcase their work on topics, units, or self-reflections. Only you, your student, and family (if enabled) will be able to see work in this space.

Individual Spaces help to better organize all of the work happening within your classroom and tie them to your own course objectives. Learn about different ways to make use of Individual Spaces here.

Group Spaces

Spark collaboration with spaces for groups of students to work on group projects, peer reviews, and more. Create your own groups or have them created for you. Group Spaces allow your students to cooperate, communicate, and easily share resources. Read more Group Spaces here.

A New All-In-One Feed

Posts across all Spaces now appear in your feed for quick access to all student work. Colourful labels on each post indicate which Space they belong to. Click on those labels for direct access to that Space.

More Exciting Improvements!

  • Improvements to the user interface to better support all of your new Space types

  • Now you can easily add links (URL) to your messages

  • A snappier feed – for users who were experiencing the pesky “bouncy feed” bug, don’t worry, that’s fixed!

  • Additional bug fixes performance enhancements to make SpacesEDU faster and easier for you to use

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