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December 18th 2020 Product Updates
December 18th 2020 Product Updates

That’s right - Another update so soon?!

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At SpacesEDU, we’ve been hard at work to offer you more ways to capture learning anywhere, anytime. Check out what we have in store for this release:

Google Classroom Rostering

Using Google Classroom? Now you can invite your students to SpacesEDU even faster with Google Classroom Rostering integration.

You can invite your Google Classroom students to SpacesEDU in two different ways:

  1. When creating a new class, select the ‘Invite from Google Classroom’ button to select a classroom and which students you would like to invite.

  2. From an existing class within Spaces, go to the People > Students section. From there select the ‘Invite Students’ button to access ‘Google Classroom’ as an option.

Check out the step-by-step guide for more on inviting your students from Google Classroom.

Add Multiple Media Attachments To A Post

We heard many of you say, “my students need to upload multiple attachments to a single post!” Teachers and Students can now add up to 3 media to each post, providing even more opportunities to amplify their voice.

The media attachments will be presented with a slider for students to craft their own narrative for each post.

We’re excited to see how Teachers make use of this new feature in and out of the classroom!

Updated Full-Screen View

To support posts with multiple media attachments, we have updated our full-screen post view to allow you to both see the content and quickly add feedback or comments on the right side.

You can also select the left and right arrows on the top right to quickly switch between posts in your feed - making the process of reviewing posts even easier!

Add Content To Your Spaces Banners

Your Spaces banners have been updated to include support for media attachments. Now you can create a Space, pre-populate it with resources, and then make it visible for students to work within. Add a unit summary, an intro video, sample work, or any other content relevant to that Space.

What Else Is New?

On December 4th, we gave you access to a variety of new types of Spaces. Catch yourself up with the following articles and resources:

More Exciting Updates

  • An email verification process to increase the security of your Teacher Account

  • Several performance improvements to optimize your experience with SpacesEDU

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