If you'd like to be able to test out creating posts in Spaces without adding to any of your real students' accounts, you can do so easily using the Sample Student option.

Adding a Sample Student

To enable the Sample Student, you can either toggle the option on while creating a new class, or enable it for an existing class by:

  1. Clicking on your Class Name at the top left

  2. Clicking Edit

  3. Toggling on the Sample Student option

What can I do with my Sample Student?

Once you have enabled your Sample Student, you can create a post on their behalf to test out or demonstrate the process.

Simply click Create at the bottom right, and then when selecting students, choose the Sample Student option. To learn more about the options for creating posts, check out this article.

After you've created some posts for your sample student, you can also add teacher comments on the posts. You can also add the sample student to Individual or Group spaces.

Keep in mind that any posts created for the sample student, or comments on them, are not visible to other students within the class.

Setting up your own student account

If you'd like to set up an account as a 'real' student that will be visible to the rest of your class, and allow you to create posts and comments in the same way as your other students, you can also create your own student account.

To do so, simply sign up using your Class Link or Class Code in the same way as your students would. You can even use the same username or Google account as your teacher account.

If you use the same credentials for your own student account, you can switch between Teacher and Student views by:

  • clicking on your avatar at the top right

  • then selecting either Teacher or Student (depending on which view you're in at the moment)

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