Teacher posts are the way to connect with your students, to share content and ideas, and create an engaging environment for your students!

Prior to creating a Teacher Post, ensure that you are in the right class, which can be found by looking at the top of your screen, where you will see the class name. See the screenshot below for an example.

To create a Teacher Post, follow the steps outlined below, 

  1. Click + Create in the bottom right of your screen

   2. Select from the 6 media options available (Camera, Audio, Text, File, Drive or URL)
       i. Camera - post from your device camera or camera roll
      ii. Audio - record audio in Spaces
     iii. Text - create a journal entry and post written content in Spaces
     iv. File - post files from your device; check out this article for supported file types
      v. Google Drive - sign in with Google to add Google Docs and other files  

  vi. OneDrive - sign in with OneDrive to add your files

    vii. URL - post any external URL

Note: you can upload a maximum of 3 files of any media type.
   3. Once you select the type of post and create it, either click Save Draft or click Post
       (note: this option will appear first if you have no students in your class)
   4. Once you select the type of post, click Next
       (note: this option will appear first if you have students in your class)
   5. Select which students you want to share the post with
   6. Click Post

Now that you have created a post, you will see it in your class feed. See the screenshot below for an example.

Not sure what your first post should be about? Take a look at our article 'What should I create for my first Teacher Post?' for some great ideas to get you started.

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