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How can I create and assign activities?
How can I create and assign activities?

Learn to create and assign activities for your students.

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SpacesEDU allows teachers to easily create activities with custom multimedia instructions, due dates, and curriculum connections. Activities send notifications to students and families of upcoming due dates, while supporting educators with tracking submissions and sharing personalized feedback.

Creating New Activities

To create a new activity:

  1. Open a Class or Space within a Class

  2. Click the Create button at the bottom right

  3. Select Activity

  4. Click New Activity

This will open the Activity screen, where you can fill in activity details for your students.

Required fields

  • Class: Choose the class to which you'd like to assign your new activity. Once created, you can add the same activity to other classes later on, if needed.

  • Space: Select whether you want the activity to be assigned to the Class Space, or an Individual Space.

    • Reminder: For students to submit the activity, the Class or Individual Space you choose must be set to Active.

    • If the Space is Hidden, students will not see the activity. If the Space is Visible, students will see the activity and can save a draft, but will not be able to submit.

    • Activities cannot be posted to Group Spaces.

  • Students: Select whether the activity will be visible to all students within the space, or specific students.

  • Title: Enter a title that will make it easy for students to recognize the activity. Limit 100 characters

  • Instructions: Add detailed information for students, including reflection questions. Limit 5000 characters

Optional fields

  • Media: You can add up to 10 media attachments (photos, videos, audio clips, URLs, or files). For example, you might want to include a video explanation of the activity, or a worksheet for students to save and fill out, then upload.

  • Start Date: Create an activity in advance, and schedule the exact date and time that you'd like it to be visible to your students. If you don't set a start date, it will be visible as soon as you assign the activity.

  • Due Date: The due date will be visible to students. After it has passed, students will still be able to submit, but submissions past the deadline will be flagged as late.

  • Curriculum Tags: Add specific Curriculum Tags to organize your activities by learning objectives, and automatically tag activity posts.

    • Add proficiency levels for each student at any point throughout the activity.

  • Activity Settings: Allow students to unsubmit their activity. Enabling this setting will
    allow students to unsubmit their work until you have locked or posted the submission.

    • When this feature is enabled, the option for teachers to lock submissions will appear in the Quick Review Table drop down menu.

    • Once a teacher has locked a submission, that student will no longer be able to resubmit. To learn more about this feature, visit our help article Can students unsubmit an activity?

Assigning an Activity

Once you've filled in all of the required fields, click Assign at the top right. You can select Save Draft if you're not quite finished - your work will periodically be auto-saved as well.

If the 'Assign' button isn't active, that means one of the required fields is missing.

When a new activity has been assigned, students and linked family members will receive a notification in their accounts.

Can I copy an existing activity?

Yes! You can copy any of your existing activities into a different Class or Space, or into the same one again:

  1. Open the Class that you'd like to copy the activity for

  2. Click the Activities tab

  3. Click Create

  4. Instead of selecting New Activity, click the Use Activity option on any of your existing activities

  5. Select the Class and Space where you'd like to copy the activity

  6. Optionally, you can customize the title & instructions for the new copy, or leave them as-is - when you're ready, click Assign.

To find out how you can provide feedback to students after they've submitted, check out this article: How do I review student activity submissions?

To learn more about our planned updates to Activities and other features, check out our public Product Roadmap.

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