When you log in to your Spaces Admin account, you may notice that you have Missing Student IDs highlighted at the top right in the Students section.

What does this mean?

Student IDs are used primarily for CSV imports.

  • A student ID will typically be your school, district, or state/province student number.

  • It's used to track student accounts from import to import - it should remain identical each year, and needs to be different for each student.

New student accounts added through CSV imports will always have a student ID. When students have manually created their accounts prior to the first CSV import, they won't have student IDs associated.

Ideally, students will have signed up to Spaces with the same email address that is provided in the import file. If so, their account will automatically be updated with a Student ID.

If a student's manually created account does not match with an email in the file, it will be flagged as missing an ID. To add one from your Admin account:

  1. Open the Students section

  2. Click the Missing Student IDs button

  3. Enter a student ID, and click the blue checkmark

  4. You can easily move to the next student on the list by pressing the down arrow on your keyboard

This will update the account with a student ID so that it can be matched on future imports.

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