Looking for a way to set up accounts and class rosters for all of your students and teachers? Importing a setup file makes it easy.

  1. First, make a copy of the Spaces for Schools Setup Template, or download it in Excel format

  2. Review the instructions on the first tab of the file, along with the Column Explanations and examples

  3. Fill in the data on the Your New Classes tab - you'll need the following information:

    1. Student ID

    2. Student First Name

    3. Student Last Name

    4. Student Grade

    5. Student Email

    6. Teacher Email

    7. Teacher First Name

    8. Teacher Last Name

    9. Class Name

    10. Class Grade (optional)

  4. Save the Google Sheet as a CSV file:

    1. Ensure you're on the Your New Classes tab

    2. Click File

    3. Click Download

    4. Choose Comma-Separated Values

  5. Open your email

  6. Attach your Excel spreadsheet or link your Google Sheet

  7. Send to [email protected] with the subject line: <Your School Name/District Name> school set up file for import

There are a few considerations when populating the data:

  • Student IDs need to be different for all students, and stay the same year to year - typically we'd recommend using the same school or state/province student number as you use for other administrative purposes.

  • Students can be associated with multiple classes, and if you have multiple teachers sharing classes, you can simply add separate rows for each.

  • The CSV import allows for setting up student and teacher accounts, as well as classes, but it's not required to provide all three.

    • You may wish to only import students or teachers.

    • To import classes you'll need to import both students and teachers.

  • For teachers already on Spaces, any new classes included in the file will be added to their accounts.

A feature to import the CSV setup file directly from admin accounts will be released in early 2022. For now, we're happy to help assist with the process!

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